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Our Gynecologists have the highest level of specialized training in their field and have extensive experience in treating conditions affecting the reproductive system in any stage of life.

Surgical Gynecology

  • Diagnostic procedures and management of abnormal uterine bleeding (heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding)
  • Management of symptomatic fibroids and pelvic masses
  • Diagnosis and management of endometriosis
  • Consultation and providing surgical permanent contraception (tubal ligation)
  • Diagnosis and management of potential gynecological cancers (malignancy)

Menstrual Disorders

  • Heavy, irregular or unpredictable bleeding (i.e. PCOS)


  • Reversible – Nexplanon, IUD, Combined hormonal contraception
  • Irreversible – Tubal/permanent
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Please note: Avivo is primarily a referral-based clinic. New gynecology patients require a referral to be sent to our clinic by their General Practitioner (GP)/Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife, Specialist or Obstetrician (OB).

Appointments with our Gynecologists are covered by Alberta Health Care.

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Postpartum/Newborn Care

Postpartum/Newborn Care

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Surgical Gynecology • Menstrual Disorders • Contraception
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Mental Health

Mental Health

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