Calgary Menopause Clinic

Menopause Clinic

We are excited to announce the grand opening of the Avivo Health Menopause Clinic November 2023.

Our team of providers at Avivo Health Alliance recognizes that menopause and the perimenopause time can be a challenging period in a woman’s life and strive to provide a comprehensive evidence based clinic to help provide accurate information and physician lead support to women during these transitions.

This referral based clinic is run by a menopause specialist physician Dr. Holly Zulyniak who is a Menopause Society Certified Practioner.

  • Visits include a thorough review of your personal medical history
  • An in-depth discussion about perimenpause, menopause, symptoms and your individual concerns
  • Evidence-based treatment options appropriate to your individual needs
  • No extra fees or hidden costs! Your initial appointment and follow-up as well as any recommended investigations are all covered by Alberta Health Care

How do I book an appointment?

  • This is a referral based clinic.
  • If you are currently a patient at Avivo Health Alliance your Gynecologist will help facilitate the referral for this clinic. Please call us a 403 289 8996 and we are happy to arrange this for you. Please note your appointment will not be with your Gynecologist but with Menopause Specialist Dr. Holly Zulyniak.
  • If you are not currently a patient at Avivo Healh Alliance, we kindly ask for a referral from your primary care provider. These can be addressed
    Attn: Dr. Zulyniak or Avivo Health Menopause Clinic
    Fax: 403 289 8956
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 403 289 8996 and we can provide you with more information
Calgary Menopause Clinic
Appointments with our Menopause Physician are covered by Alberta Health Care.
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Calgary Menopause Clinic


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