Mental Health | Prenatal and postpartum mental health counselling

Mental Health

Our mental health services are temporarily paused but will resume soon. Stay tuned for updates.

At Avivo we offer prenatal and postpartum mental health counselling appointments designed to help patients who need mental health supports during their pregnancy or postpartum.

Prenatal and postpartum mental health counselling

Being an expecting or new parent, whether it is your first child, or fifth child can be filled with many emotions including joyfulness, feeling overwhelmed and at times isolation.

Figuring out feeding, the lack of sleep and the shift in your life can leave parents with many feelings and navigating how to get help can be daunting. At Avivo, we offer antenatal and postpartum mental health counselling appointments.

These appointments will offer one-on-one counseling sessions for expecting or new parents during their adjustment to this time in life. Sessions vary in length from 30-45 minutes, are one-on-one, and the patient can book follow-up appointments once referred. Medications are managed through the primary provider or specialist but can be discussed in these sessions as well.

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Please note: Avivo is primarily a referral-based clinic. New patients require a referral to be sent to our clinic by their General Practitioner (GP)/Family Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife, Specialist or Obstetrician (OB).

Prenatal and postpartum mental health counselling is covered by Alberta Health Care.

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Mental Health

Mental health services are on pause but will resume soon.